Designing the profile of the future architect

//Designing the profile of the future architect

Designing the profile of the future architect


Designing the profile of the future architect, the first editorial project of the SHARE Society is a collection of thoughts, architectural manifestoes and interviews to which 100 architects from all over the world have contributed. The texts of this book have been collected by Andreea Robu-Movilă during 2018 and 2019 with the occasion of SHARE International Architecture Forums, organised each year in 10 locations from Eastern and Central Europe. Șerban Tiganas, the content curator of this editorial project have reviewed all contributions and the book’s publication was made possible due to the commitment of Eusebia Mindirigiu, as well as of our sponsors: Şişecam Flat Glass and Iulius Group.

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Serban Tiganas is one of the most well-known names from Romania in the field of architecture. He is currently the General Secretary of the International Union of Architects. A graduate of the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest, he is also a trainer, preoccupied with the understanding and the evolution of Romanian architecture and especially with its growing impact on people’s lives.

He is founder of „Dico & Tiganas” office in Cluj, also being one of the founding partners of the urbanism office “Planwerk”, with whom he has taken on development strategies for public space architecture in various cities such as Sibiu, Miercurea Ciuc, Cluj-Napoca, Targu Mures, Brașov, Timisoara or Oradea. He teaches to young students at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

Andreea Robu-Movilă is currently a PhD student and a teaching assistant at “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture, Bucharest. She have graduated from „G.M.Cantacuzino”Faculty of Architecture, Iaşi, Romania. From 2017 she is a collaborator of SHARE-Architects, co-editor of the editorial project Designing The Profile of the Future Architectsenior associate of SHARE Architects Society and executive manager of the Consultative Council of Architects in Central and Eastern Europe (CCA -CEE).



Eusebia Mindirigiu is the founding director of ABplus events, a communication agency founded in 1997, working at the heart of the design, architecture and property sectors in Center and Eastern EuropeEusebia has played a pivotal role in the creation of content and communication strategies for hundreds of cultural and architecture events.

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1 Ádám Hatvani
2 Adrian Cancer Zeană
3 Adrian Cristescu
4 Adrian Spirescu
5 Alexandru Gavozdea
6 Alfonso Femia
7 Andreas Vardas
8 Andreea Robu-Movilă
9 Andrei Serbescu
10 Andrzej Bulanda
11 Angel Zahariev
12 Anouk Legendre
13 Antonio Virga
14 Augustin Ioan
15 Begüm and Kerem Yazgan
16 Berarducci Carlo
17 Besian Mehmeti
18 Borislav Ignatov
19 Bruno Andresoiu
20 Carol Ross Barney
21 Christos Passas
22 Cinzia Ferrara
23 Claudia Staubmann and Cédric Ramière
24 Colin BALL
25 Darius Reznek

26 Dean Lah
27 Dietmar EBERLE
28 Dorin Beu
29 Dorin Ștefan
30 Dorin Ștefan Adam
31 Dorte Kristensen
32 Dragos Epure
33 Ervin Taci
34 Ewa Kurylowicz
35 Farris Giuseppe
36 Fernando Menis
37 Françoise Pamfil
38 Gabriella Sajtos Grand
39 Gaivoronschi Vlad
40 Gergely Paulinyi
41 Giovanni Benedetti
42 Goran Vojvodic
43 Heechan Park
44 Ian Ritchie
45 Ivan Rašković
46 James Pickard
47 Jan Knikker
48 Javier Pérez Herreras
49 Jeroen Schipper
50 John McElgunn

51 Jüergen Mayer
52 Julian Weyer
53 Jurtin Hajro
54 Kamran Afshar Naderi
55 Karel Smejkal
56 Krzysztof Ingarden
57 Loxha Arianit
58 Madjdabadi Habibeh
59 Maria Baleva
60 Marian Moiceanu
61 Marija Simović, Petar Simović
62 Marius Miclăuș
63 Mark Hemel
64 Mark Sutton Vane
65 Martin Gran
66 Martin Knujit
67 Massimiliano Fuksas
68 Meossi Maurizio
69 Miha Desman
70 Mihai Drișcu
71 Nixha Astrit
72 Olsi Eftimi
73 Oskar Grąbczewski
74 Pako Radovanovici
75 Pan Yi Cheng

76 Paolo Brescia
77 Patrick Majers
78 Paul Bulkeley
79 Philippe Croisier
80 Radu Teacă
81 Rainer Schmidt
82 Rama Perparim
83 Reinier de Graaf
84 Rena Sakellaridou
85 Renato Rizzi
86 Roland Bechmann
87 Serban Ţigănaș
88 Sergiu Petrea
89 Stanisław Deńko
90 Tarek Hegazy
91 Tima Zoltán
92 Tomasz Klimek
93 Vassilis Sgoutas
94 Vermeulen Windsant Xander
95 Vesna Cagić Milošević
96 Victor Grosu
97 Vladimir Lojanica
98 Vladimir Popov
99 Wolf Prix
100 Zsolt Gunther

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ISBN: 978-606-8026-64-0-72
Language: English
Pages: 364
Main editor: Șerban Țigănaș
Editors: Andreea Robu-Movilă, Eusebia Mindirigiu
Editing coordinator igloomedia: Françoise Pamfil
Preface: Prof. Dl Dietmar Eberle
Graphic design & layout: Cătălin Artenie
Infographics: Andreea Robu-Movilă
Illustrations & cover:Tihamér Török
Image Editing, DTP:  Cristian David
Proof reading: Atena Gaspar De Almeida Santos, Nelson Andrew, Anca Rotar
Printed by: Master Print Super Offset.


1. SHARING – an introduction

2. A Collage of Thoughts

  • What is Happening with Architecture?

  • Architecture, what is it?

  • Artificial intelligence and architectural thinking.

  • The future of Architecture and Architects.

  • The Profile of the Future Architect.

  • Future Education for Architects.

  •  Messages to the young.

3. Interviews

4. Manifestoes

5. Architecturally Yours: index of contributors.